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Janice Otremba, PCC, CPCC
People and Performance Catalyst

About Janice Otremba


Janice Otremba is a Professional Certified Coach and accomplished keynote speaker with over twenty years’ experience in motivating and inspiring people and organizations to achieve positive results.  She holds professional designations from the International Coaching Federation, the Co-Active Training Institute, and the Sirolli Institute USA.  Her thirst for knowledge and insatiable curiosity has also garnered a Provincial Instructor diploma, registration as a Developmental Asset Building Train the Trainer from the Pacific Northwest Search Institute USA, qualifications as a Hakomi Therapy specialist in Body Centre Psychotherapy from the Ron Kurtz Hakomi Institute USA and she is a registered facilitator for TotalSDI™ Canada & USA.

Janice is known for her quick wit and engaging style that keeps the audience entertained as they learn important work-life strategies.  She provides her clients with a collaborative perspective in the areas of stress management, health and wellness, leadership, team development, and work-life harmony. Janice helps individuals hone in on their true values, extend communication in ways they never thought possible, and reveal undiscovered choices. Whether she is delivering a keynote address, providing training to an organization so they can build stronger teams or coaching individuals one-on-one, she enhances communication, collaboration, and profits.

Janice is what many people may refer to as a “connector” and she takes great pride in that. Not only is she personally involved with numerous organizations and events, she also connects people in our community so they can successfully run their event. She practices what she preaches: Janice shows up and does whatever is necessary to help out – volunteering, donating, promoting, or fundraising. Janice’s strong belief in community is demonstrated by her active participation with multiple agencies and organizations.  To name just a few of the many organizations that Janice is involved with:  JDRF, Kamloops PIT Stop, TRU Alumni Association, Women’s Enterprise Centre of BC, Swing for the Cure, FASD/CDBC, Adoptive Families of BC.

For fun and to recharge, Janice finds can be found happily puttering in her garden or on her back deck at her home in Kamloops.  She and her husband, George enjoy the outdoors, kayaking and most of all, spending time with their part-time dog, Riot.

  1. It starts with our Premise:
    • Your people will make or break your business. Period.
    • You are one of your people.
  2. Which is guided by our Philosophy:
    • That business and personal success is based in 1:1 interaction’s and creating long term relationships;
    • We are deeply connected and can change the planet one person at a time;
    • Freedom in all its forms (personal, financial, career, family, etc.) is a basic right of every person;
    • The ability to lead ourselves is a necessary skill in today’s complex world.
  3. Because we Promise to provide:
    • Clarity
    • Alignment
    • Actionable AHA moments
    • Practical, results-driven tools
  4. Though a customized Delivery that generates results:
    • Coaching – private and group formats
    • Team Development
    • Keynote
    • Training programs and workshops

It starts with a conversation. Call us and let’s begin.





Janice Otremba, PCC, CPCC


I elevate teams and organizations to thrive.

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