“I should have…”, “I am not as confident as…”, “No matter how hard I try, I’ll never achieve…”., “If only, I…”, “Why is it always up to me to…”.

Any of these phrases sound familiar? How did you feel when you read them?

Words affect our personal power and how we experience our lives. Your self-concept and the words you say to yourself are the sum total of the messages you give yourself about who you are and what you are worth.  

Some of these words and phrases have been playing over and over and over for a long time. It’s time to turn them down.

Continually replaying internal negative tapes ingrains them deeply into our consciousness.  The more these tapes play, the less we consciously think about them, while at the same time, we start to accept them as truths. The subconscious mind then looks for experiences to validate the tape and our internal saboteurs are born

“What you say is what you get.  As our thoughts affect our circumstances, so do the words we say.  Our words build our attitude and they determine what we will attract and experience.” Andrew Matthews ~ Being Happy

Can you identify a negative tape you play? Where did the tape originate from?  Is it in your voice or someone else’s?

Identifying these negative, draining, self-limiting, bad (or B side) tapes is the first step towards recording over them and freeing yourself from the continuous play of belief and validation that negative self-talk is often set to. It’s like having to listen to Nickleback for so long that you finally think it’s good music.

There are some very common words that undermine our progress, our growth, our self-image and our confidence. Changing your internal phrasing by choosing different words is enough to make that old record skip – and eventually a new track will play.

Instead of:

  • Should use Could
  • Try (to), use I will | try to pick up the pen.. you either do or don’t
  • Can’t (to) use I won’t | eg: unless you are in a wheelchair and can’t run… it’s a choice.

I challenge you to choose one of these words and change it for the next month. Keep track of the way you feel however you are comfortable, whether that is a journal or by sharing with another person. Reflection will be a very important part of the exercise. Let me know how it goes!

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