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Do you gamble your chance of success on luck?

The general consensus on the internet is that the phrase “the luck of the Irish” was originally a derisive term used in the 19th century to refer to the relative success of the Irish and Irish-Americans in gold and silver mining…as if to say the only possible way the Irish could have been successful is by dumb luck as opposed to using their brains. Knowing this, I’d rather have my success attributed to hard work over luck – wouldn’t you?


Luck vs. hard work is not a new debate, nor is there a definite and clear answer. Some believe success is largely due to luck or fate, while others feel sheer determination is the driving force, and others attribute success to a combination of the two.


Dumb luck is winning a lottery ticket. There are clear odds and outcomes. When it comes to moving yourself forward in life, it takes more. It takes hard work and consistent effort.


Sure. There will be those who come into this world with less obstacles, having everything handed to them on a platter like the Kardashians and the Trumps being an easy example…but that doesn’t necessarily determine success either. How many children of successful people end up crashing and burning?


The real question is why? Why do some succeed where others fail? What is the difference? What can we learn from this difference?


After years of working with professionals from all walks of life and backgrounds, I can say the single biggest difference is having an intentional mindset. Setting small everyday goals and activity that move you forward. This builds the foundation for an enduring end result.


But wait. There’s more.


You need to have intention AND take time for gratitude and thankfulness. Appreciate the results of your intentions and be grateful for what you achieve. Clear intentions and actions lead to results. Give yourself credit, you made a conscious effort to make something happen and took action – it counts


This has way more street cred than the type of luck the Irish were known for. This takes brains and serious, sustained effort. What you choose to bring your attention to in life and focus on will be what you see.


Wake up knowing there will be opportunities and success available to you. If you wake up thinking your day is going to suck and bad things will happen, you’re sure to find examples of this. Whether our thoughts are based in reality or not, we act as if what we tell ourselves is the truth. If you tell yourself you are lucky all the time you will be more open and see more opportunities, but depending on luck as a determinant of success is like hoping to win the lottery without buying a ticket.
So toss those horseshoes and shamrocks aside and mindfully put one foot in front of the other, grateful you are able to walk.


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