Coaching is for individuals or corporate or non-profit teams wanting to stimulate positive change and create more effective and inclusive relationships in their lives. Proactive intervention provides a sounding board of strategies for leaders who experience work/life place challenges and stress, and for those wanting to stimulate positive change, prevent unproductive conflict and create more effective and inclusive relationships in the workplace. 

Team Development

You CAN get more from your team. Janice helps individuals and corporate teams cut the CRAP (Can’t Recognize a Problem) that leads to BS (Burnout and Stress). Yes it’s tongue and cheek but she gets results.
Janice’s unique stress-management strategies are designed to build healthier individuals and more productive teams.



When Janice Otremba stands in front of your conference room or meeting, she delivers guaranteed stress-management strategies and life advice with a healthy dose of humour and fun. Janice specializes in Health & Wellness, Stress Management, Conflict Resolution and Team Development.



Total SDI Assessment

Every team has core strengths based on the team members’ individual styles of relating to one another, customers and key stakeholders. Relationship Awareness (RA) helps both the team leader and members of the team work more effectively with their varied strengths, while gaining powerful personal and interpersonal insights.  It helps people on teams identify their personal strengths under two conditions: when everything is going well, and when they are faced with opposition or conflict. 

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