1-on-1 Coaching

Sometimes you feel like you need a little help, right?

Do you ever feel like the world is caving in on you, like you’ve taken on too much? Most of us do at some time or another — especially if we are ambitious, striving to make a difference in our career, the world or at home.

Janice has been there, done that!

A person like you needs more than just direction. Janice Otremba, motivational speaker and stress-management expert, is her own success story. She reached the brink of burnout and brought herself back with renewed purpose to help others power up their happy and celebrate life with balance and intention.

Janice offers 1-on-1 coaching with simple, sound advice for stress management and satisfying your core values. She reveals the tools you need to design the life you want. Under Janice’s guidance, you look inside and learn how to change what isn’t working — both personally and professionally.

A trained facilitator and life coach, she helps you see your potential and, together, you create strategies to play up your strengths, build your self-esteem and become empowered — not weakened — by your stress.

Working with Janice isn’t a walk in the park. If you want results, you have to want results!

Areas of coaching in which Janice specializes in are:

  • Improving professional capacity
  • Increasing team (or self) motivation
  • Preparing for a professional change or career advancement
  • Providing safely led personal or professional change
  • Providing healthy mental and physical direction
  • Professional speaking expertise and confidence (e.g. interview, speech development and delivery, or leading opinion)

“On-going leadership coaching with Janice has fulfilled my career aspirations again.  Together we worked to contour my transferable skills, and build my reputation as a strong leader in which to acquire an Executive Director position.  Every leader looking to advance their career should work with Janice Otremba.”

~ Ministry of Children and Family Development

“Janice is a compassionate, understanding, encouraging and positive coach that inspires me regularly to achieve my goals and to reach beyond my fears as a business owner. With decisive strategies and a great understanding of my strengths and weaknesses she has helped me to reach new financial goals and achieve work-life balance through organization and streamlining. I highly recommend Janice as a business coach to any entrepreneur.”

~ Wild Sage Events

Your coaching sessions

You’re entrusting Janice with one of the most personal areas of your world.

For that reason, she takes time to build a relationship with you and learn what stokes the fire of your passion. Your initial assessment with Janice helps you both understand where you are, the first glimpse of clarity. Together, you figure out your goals and your core values, along with what needs to happen and why.

Janice’s 3C Coaching Program guides you toward:

  • Clarity, a clear understanding of your current situation and where you want to go
  • Choice and the power to explore different paths to your goals
  • Catapult, the leap to change

When life becomes clear, you make empowered choices and, when you make empowered choices, you catapult into the life you want. Your changes are always based on what you want.

How much longer are you willing to stay stuck? Or bogged down by everything you feel you need to do?

What is it worth to you?

The nitty gritty

It’s time to shake you right out of your comfort zone. When you sign up to work with Janice, you can purchase a package of hours which keeps her at your beck and call. (No, not really … she needs her time to refresh and re-energize, too!)

Here’s how it works:

Get to Know You: When you book your first appointment with Janice, you chat for up to 15 minutes, no charge. You talk about how Janice can help you and take a brief look at the changes you want to make in your life. You decide if the relationship is a good fit for you.

Hour Packages: Janice suggests a plan based on your goals and your deadlines. Your sessions can be as brief as a check-in or as in-depth as you need.

All programs are personalized to your needs.

Janice promises to bring strategies to the table. She asks that you promise to be willing and open.

How does that sound? Get ready for amazing results!

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