Team Development

You can get more from your team.

A life coach and stress-management expert, Janice is trained in motivational strategies and corporate team building.

Janice helps individuals and corporate teams cut the CRAP (Can’t Recognize a Problem) that leads to BS (Burnout and Stress). Yes it’s tongue and cheek but she gets results.
Janice’s unique stress-management strategies are designed to build healthier individuals and more productive teams. Many clients choose Janice because she helps:

  • Leverage your resources, such as time, money and human resources to catapult you from where you are to where you want and need to be – effectively and efficiently
  • Create a work-life balance that creates healthy limits and expectations
  • Clients understand the C.R.A.P. holding them back from achieving excellence

Janice’s corporate-wellness coaching shakes things up and gets your team on a path to success.

Here’s what you can expect.

Results. Instant results.

Janice doesn’t just tell you how to get you and your team to your best possible performance levels. She shows you how.

Janice works with you to create customized materials and strategies for your team, based on research of your industry and your staff.

Throughout and after your time with Janice, you will:

  • Feel energized and empowered to make positive changes
  • Be treated professionally and with accountability
  • Learn how to turn challenges into choices
  • Receive stimulating strategies and tools
  • Experience a difference in the way your team feels and communicates
  • Love how Janice mixes humour with learning

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Janice shares great ideas, thoughtful inspiration and tips on stress management.

“We consulted Janice to assist us in improving our team approach to managing Venture Kamloops, the Thompson Nicola Regional District’s Economic Development and Tourism Corporation. Janice guided us through an engaging daylong workshop that led us all to a better understanding of each other’s motivational values and how those values influence our personal and professional interactions. The workshop gave staff the tools for developing a stronger team approach and a language for non-judgmental feedback that we can use to improve our working relationships.” ~ Venture Kamloops

“Janice demonstrates excellent facilitation skills and public speaking skills. She uses a variety of teaching styles and appropriate games to enhance different learning styles. She is conscious of diversity in the population she teaches and tailors her presentation to meet both individual and group needs. I highly recommend Janice and am sure that participants will find Janice’s enthusiasm and techniques very helpful and effective.” ~ Kamloops Sexual Assault Counselling Centre

You, too, boss!

We can work together and get your team on the right track, because your people understand and absorb information better when they:

  1. Can relate and feel connected
  2. Know what to do with the information they receive
  3. Feel good about themselves

Who benefits? Everyone!

Your coaching sessions include:

Every individual on the team brings his and her visions and strengths to the table. Together, you, your team and Janice design an individualized program that uncovers your leaders, your champions and your go-getters. In the end, everyone has aligned with the team’s vision and goals.

When everyone feels like they’re contributing to the team’s success, they are engaged, energized and empowered. And that makes everyone more productive, too!

Janice gets you there with dynamic, inspirational and compelling storytelling and strategies.

Customized, Never Cookie-Cutter

Team Development is NEVER Cookie-Cutter. We personalize team development for outcomes that are specific to your organization. We begin with an in-depth conversation to reveal what is relevant to your corporate culture and needs.

Research suggests that relationships, while often considered a “soft” skill, actually play a much more direct role in team and organizational performance. More than understanding personalities and gifts of aptitude, performance hinges on how relationships can effectively work together. It is however the understanding of what fuel feeds individual needs that help us understand ourselves and others and creates effective working and communication conditions.

In addition to leadership development, coaching is just one of the distinguishing benefits offered to clients. Post team development, leaders and key staff members can benefit from ongoing, as needed, coaching. As a natural result of preparation, research and delivery, Janice gains a greater understanding of the corporate environment and its relationship idiosyncrasies. This information supports the coaching experience exponentially.

  1. Awareness and accountability: Getting everyone clear about your team’s challenges and goals and each individual’s responsibilities.
  2. Strength development and asset building: Implementing practical and applicable tools to ensure everyone’s talents are valued, which reduces stress and increases job satisfaction.
  3. Goal-setting: Creating a plan to reach team goals and setting benchmarks for success.

When individuals on a team start to realize their potential and see their strengths, they begin to build their self-esteem, accept personal accountability, and improve their self-management.

You begin to see real results.

Janice’s corporate coaching programs are practical, client-centred and supportive.

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