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You’re here because ultimately you want to feel more like yourself, whether that means feeling on top of the world or just having more energy at the end of the day. Janice specializes in authentic, transparent, 1-on-1 coaching, keynote speaking and corporate consulting on wellness, team building and increased productivity. Get sound advice for stress management and satisfy your core values.

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Janice shares great ideas, thoughtful inspiration and tips on stress management.

The staff communicated to me that they were impressed with your segment of our agenda program. Your willingness to involve and acknowledge a First Nations reference and response using the Shuswap native language to the staff, particularly struck a positive ending note. We would have no difficulties in requesting your future participation and recommend you to others requiring such professional services.

~ Bonaparte Indian Band

Stuctwesemc Indian Government of the Shuswap Nation

Strange but true

My birth collided with two large earthquakes resulting in the Hope-Princeton slide. Not only did Baby New Year Janice share front-page news with this event, it’s been reported she can move mountains, too!

Funny, quick on her feet and real


Janice helps individuals and corporate teams cut the CRAP (Can’t Recognize a Problem) that leads to BS (Burnout and Stress).

Janice’s unique stress-management strategies are designed to build healthier individuals and more productive teams. Many clients choose Janice because she helps:

  • Leverage your resources, such as time, money and human resources to catapult you from where you are to where you want and need to be – effectively and efficiently
  • Create a work-life balance that creates healthy limits and expectations
  • Clients understand the C.R.A.P. holding them back from achieving excellence

As a Professional Speaker, Trainer and Coach, Janice is often called upon as an expert in the areas of stress management, health and wellness, personal growth and work-life balance.

With more than 20 years of experience, Janice draws from a wealth of personal and professional knowledge as well as a diverse background that includes sales and marketing, adult education, hosting her own radio show, Revealing Choices for Life™, and a seven-year counseling and holistic health-care practice.

Janice understands the health effects that stress and burnout have on work and life. She lived through a period of stress, chronic pain and low confidence. As a result, she cuts to the heart of the matter with strategies for beating burnout with humour, empathy and tried-and-true approaches.

Janice won’t tell you what you want to hear; she’ll tell you what you need to hear. If you are ready to cut the CRAP and move beyond the BS, your next move is to contact Janice.

Giving back

Janice continues to support community in a number of ways.  Janice is the Founder of Conversations in Health and continues to volunteer with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and PIT Stop (People In Transition).




  • Coach Training Institute Graduate
  • SDI® Facilitator/Coach, Total Strength Deployment Inventory (TSDI), Personal Strengths, Canada
  • Instructor Diploma (PIDP),  Vancouver College, Canada
  • Developmental Asset Building, Train the Trainer, Pacific Northwest Search Institute, USA
  • Virginia Satir, Brief Systemic Family Therapy, Pacific Search Institute, Canada
  • Hakomi Therapy, Body Centred Psychotherapy, Ron Kurtz, Hakomi, Canada
  • Sirolli Institute Business Coach Training, Sirolli Institute USA
  • Sirolli Institute Advanced Coaching Model, Sirolli Institute USA

Stressed-out Canadians

Did you know sick days cost Canadian employers between $15 and $25 billion every year?

Stress causes:


of absenteeism


of employee turnover


of workplace accidents

Statistics Canada (2012)

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