Let me ask you this: when you stand in front of a mirror, completely naked, what do you see? Are you overwhelmed with imperfections, insecurities and flaws? Or do you stand with pride, confidence and love the reflection staring back at you?

Over the past year, with some hard work and dedication, I’ve managed to lose 70 pounds. It’s been a weight off my shoulders and knees—literally. I am ecstatic about my dramatic weight loss and I absolutely love the way I look and feel in my new body. What excites me even more is that my body is able to do things that seemed daunting before. For a woman my age, that’s pretty astonishing! Things that I once struggled with are no longer troublesome. I am pleased with not only the way I look and feel, but I am proud to have maintained my motivation and willpower that has kept me dedicated throughout the process.

Yes, losing 70 pounds is something worth celebrating, but what I really crave, no pun intended, is to lose an additional 40 pounds.

As a professional coach, I advocate the importance of setting goals and appreciating life along the journey. Recently, I decided to take on the challenge of standing in front of my full-length bedroom mirror, wearing nothing but my birthday suit. Yes, you heard me right!  I call this exercise a challenge because for a lot of people, myself included, it’s not easy. As humans, we sometimes fail to appreciate ourselves for what we have—we are always hungry for more.  It’s often easier to criticize ourselves and circulate negative thoughts than it is to praise ourselves for our beauty and abilities.

When we stand naked in front of a mirror, we become vulnerable—we are like a soldier in war without armor. When we peel back and shed each layer of clothing, our imperfections, insecurities and our self-doubts all become present. It can be overwhelming and for some, a nightmare. The mirror exercise is a great way to put your ego aside and build personal acceptance by honoring yourself in your glory—faux pas included! Celebrate what is working and what is going well. Love you for what you can do, rather than for what you can’t.

It’s important to have an end goal, but it’s equally important to appreciate what you have accomplished and recognize how you ended up where you are. Embrace each moment and enjoy the journey along the way. I encourage you to try the mirror exercise. For me, the results have been notable. Yes, some days are harder than others, but whenever I need the reassurance that I look great naked, I call my husband in to be the judge of that!

I am Janice Otremba. I am a professional speaker, trainer and coach that specializes in stress management, health and wellness, personal growth and life balance. I invite you to share your thoughts and opinions, to determine how I can be of service to you. I can be contacted at info@janiceotremba.ca

I look forward to hearing your story. 

Janice Otremba, Catalyst for Change

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