How will you know it’s the right time to grow your business, take something on or to just sit still and not do anything else for a while?

The first question to ask yourself is whether you’re listening to your gut or your head in contemplating these questions. Are these thoughts driven by pleasing others? Are you saying “yes” to things that aren’t right for you? Are you saying no to stay “safe”?

Often listening to your intuition (gut instinct or inner knowing) will help you determine the authentic thoughts from the “other” driven. How conscious and unconscious you are makes a difference in how familiar those patterns and neural pathways are in knowing the difference.

Sometimes we do stuff using our intuition along the way to help us decide the path we want to take and sometimes we need to take a leap of faith. If all the doors are open and everything is aligning and intuitively fits we can still carry and be weighed down by fear.  

We know we’re on our “right” path and then we still get in our own way surrendering into the unknown. At some point, as we become adults, we start saying “can’t” instead of getting back up again. We stop giving ourselves the freedom to keep practicing to get better. Imagine if we took that same attitude and action every day. As Paulo Coelho says in the Alchemist, “The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times and to get up eight times.”

This can often become a stumbling block in business. We have a personal failure and then it stops us from pursuing something or taking a chance in business. This is ironic coming from me considering how often I say “you take yourself wherever you go,” but that’s why I say it–because you can let your personal fears inhibit your professional growth and aspirations.

When you say yes to something, do you make it harder? Do you start thinking you’re not ready, not worthy, don’t have enough time, etc.? In business we get scared about not doing it right or to put ourselves out there because we take rejections to mean we’re not good enough or we aren’t doing it right instead of asking if we can do something different—maybe we’re not talking to the right group of clients?

Fear can sneak into our decisions and suddenly we find ourselves waging an internal battle over a decision or a commitment. How do you tell the fear from something that is a wrong fit (going against your intuition)?

Once conditioned, intuition can be used as a muscle to guide us to build that inner way of knowing so we know it’s our intuition talking. When you find yourself reflecting on a decision and you’ve done your pro/con list over and over, take the time to sit with the decision, be with it and really listen to how you feel. Does it feel more right than wrong or something you’re being called towards?  Is your anwer going to move you closer to what you want and how you want to live your life?

Don’t stop there–once you’ve made a decision, know the haters in your mind are going to hate and then ignore them, trusting in yourself that you’ve done the groundwork to make this thing happen.

If possible, find a champion. Maybe there’s someone who has done something similar you can learn from. But the bottom line is it’s all you. Conditioning your body, mind and spirit will develop and flex your intuitive muscle.

I have a client who has talked about hosting a retreat for years and she keeps getting in her own way in making it happen with the “I can’ts”. She said she knows she’s supposed to do it but doesn’t know how. I suggested how wasn’t the right question – she needed to ask “who?”. Who could help her, guide her to the next step?

Once she stopped worrying about having the right things to make it happen, (stepping outside of her fear), she was then able to bring all of the right things together to make it happen. Within hours, all the pieces she needed for a two-and-a-half day retreat planned in a really cool place came together. As she started getting out of the fear and began to listen and ask different questions, the pieces fell into place. In simply changing what she was willing to pay attention to and how she reacted to it, new doors opened. She let her excitement lead her instead of fear.  

Working your intuition muscle is about checking in with yourself. Notice how your intuition talks to you. Is it a physical sensation, a thought or an image (mental process), or do you hear little voices talking to you? This mind/body connection is key to your decision making–the “knowing in your bones” no matter how scary something is.

It requires a willingness to let all the other stuff whipping around you fall away, like sitting in the eye of tornado–find calm and listen to yourself. It can be really subtle, often described as listening to your heart. Intuition will always drive us towards happiness, joyfulness and away from fear.

Start consciously anchoring when you’re right. Visualize what is it you want and then trust in it happening….I do this with parking spots all the time!

The next time a name randomly pops into mind of a person you have been putting off connecting with, pick up the phone in that moment. If you feel you’re not ready, ask yourself why not. There’s a reason why these things show up.

Intuition is not rational, it’s your subconscious mind. The conscious part of our mind is analytical and deliberate whereas the subconscious (also referred to as the limbic system) is more responsive and seemingly happenstance. Some of the greatest leaders lead via listening to their intuitive mind. I challenge you to flex that muscle, listen and lead yourself out of fear and into success.  

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