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What if…


  • You were ready to take a leap and you didn’t have to do it by yourself?
  • You had more time for what you enjoy?
  • You had less stress?

Recognize the Cycle of your BS! (Burn Out and Stress)

Getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life, choose to focus on powering up your happy! I’ll be the first to kick your ass and also give you a hug on your way back up.


Are you a leader or business owner? Do you strive to be the best version of yourself?


Leave your participants empowered, energized and eager to make positive changes to your daily lives.

Team Development

Janice’s corporate-wellness coaching shakes things up and gets your team on a path to success?

How Do I Know If I Need a Leadership Coach?

What is Coaching?

Coaching is simply about giving yourself a sounding board – someone that is going to challenge you and champion you. You know you can be better than you are but you don’t know how to get you there. That’s where a coach comes in. The ability to lead yourself is a necessary skill set in today’s complex world. 

How Do I Know if Business Coaching Is Right for Me?

It starts with the ability to lead yourself – if you can’t do that call a coach.

Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

No. We work with anyone that is looking at bettering their leadership skills. I work with many community leaders and professionals. It’s all about people management.  

Is coaching only for business owners?

Nope! We work with everyone involved in your businesses. Knowing how your team operates and what motivates them to do what they do gives us a common language to have the growth and structure to take businesses to the next level. Recognize value of each individual – coaching culture. Know their valued, reach professional goals. High level of retention and engagement that translates to productivity – use external coach so no hidden agenda. Inclusive P2P relationship. 


If you clicked to read this – you’re ready. You know you need change and doing it by yourself so far hasn’t been working. You’ll know you’re ready when the pain of staying where you are is now greater than the fear of what-if’s. You’re ready to stretch your comfort zone and take the leap. 

About Janice Otremba

A people and performance catalyst.

Janice is a kick-ass ass-kicker. She will push you to your limits and is the hard voice of reason and your biggest advocate.

Contributing author to the #1 selling book: Empower with the Power of Collaboration: Tribe, Trust & Team WOW (Women of Worth) Series.

 I’ve Worked With:

We could spend hours listing off the multitude of companies (from solopreneurs starting off to multi-million dollar businesses), associations, municipalities and First Nations Bands that we have worked with over these past years. No two partnerships we take on are alike. We are so grateful to have such a variety of experiences from team development, individual growth, strength assessments and offering up presentation skills. To take a peek at our living and growing list of wonderful people we work with follow this LINK. 

“Your willingness to involve and acknowledge a First Nations reference and response using the Shuswap native language to the staff, particularly struck a positive ending note.”

Bonapart Indian Band – Stuctwesemc Indian Government of the Shuswap Nation

Janice took my proposal, kicked me in the ass and made me push my comfort level higher and charge my worth. Because of Janice I walked out of a meeting with $30,000 EXTRA in my pocket. I’m so thankful to have crossed paths with Janice and she is forever in my head when I’m struggling getting out of my own way. I’m often finding myself thinking: “what would Janice do” in this situation?

Kathy Grant

Owner, The HUB Impact

Janice helped us transition from managing to owning our business. She provided pertinent, and strategic support and firm prompting to help us recognize and fill gaps to make changes.

Change is stressful, but Janice pushed the growth from my entire team. After SDI, my team is communicating effectively, and when they don’t they can instantly see where the error was and learn from it, rather than blaming or not taking accountability. This has reduced the stress from the team to allow them to focus on our customers.

It is amazing how much time and money is saved when your team is not fighting fires but actually truly focused on the business. Janice helped guide our team to success. She is an inspiration and an absolute ‘catalyst for change’.”

Trish Hines & DelRae Cahoon

Owners, Petland Kamloops







201-153 Seymour St. Kamloops, BC

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