When was the last time you exposed yourself?

If you were to get naked what’s the first “UGH” that comes to mind? Few of us have “AWE” come to mind first.

I’m not talking about staring yourself down while you’re in your birthday suit. I’m talking about speaking your naked truth. Saying what you need to say when you need to say it without worrying about what others think, feel or expect of us.

In July I made a decision to get out of my own way – both personally and professionally I decided to start with the personal since its where I felt like I have the most control. I talk a lot about clarity leading to choice points which then create a catalyst for a situation which catapults towards results (sounds a little cheesy, but it’s true, it’s a process).

It started in 2013 when I decided I needed to make a BIG change in my life. Knowing I don’t like going it alone, I reached out to someone I admired. She’d been there, done that, and I wanted her to help me.

I was terrified. I was naked–everything was hanging out on the table. If I really wanted what I said I did, everything was going to change–had to change–and I was going to have to show up, be fully accountable and COMMIT!

In a moment, or a specific situation I can easily jump into an ALL-in mindset. But this was going to be long-term, pain for gain and life altering. It was the difference between a “FUCK YEAH!” (said with a fist pump and enthusiasm) or a “fuck…ya” (said in my best Eeyore voice, with my head drooping while I scuff my foot).

When I don my cape, one of my super powers is Option-Girl! (cue music).  I like back doors, plan B’s and multiple routes to the destination – I’m ALL about choice! I’ll never get locked in, hemmed in, or pinned down with my “I’ll find a way” survival instinct on alert and can-do attitude. (TRUTH: this is how I burnt myself out twice).

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve committed to being ALL IN–and this was one of them. With my heart racing, breath shallow, throat constricted, and courage drawn up from the depth of my soul, I made the call and ASKED for what I wanted (cue cheering) and was told “no”.

No. Thanks for asking me, but no. I can’t remember anything said after that or her exact words, just being told “NO”.


That not how I expected the “get clear and just ask for what you want” mantras to work.

I just leapt off the biggest cliff I could imagine? WTF!?!?! With my toes hanging over the edge, with no bottom in sight, I stepped back from the edge and, when I did, the pressure to leap left, and I realized I felt relief. Relieved I didn’t have to do IT then. Or at the very least, I didn’t have to do IT now. WHEW! Dodged that one.

Have you ever been there? Wanting something that scares the shit out of you, so like an ostrich you stick your head in the sand? As much as you avoid it, push it away, and pretend to not think about IT or look at it–IT doesn’t go away!!!

One of my coaches used to say “your resistance is equal to your potential Janice”, which I took to mean (with tongue firmly planted in cheek) “then, I’m going to be f’ing amazing!”

So here I am again, naked on the edge of another cliff with everything flapping in the wind. Older, wiser, with a few more flappy bits. I’m willing to BE real. BE raw. BE me-myself-I (option-girl prevails) #igotthis.

I know my mission is to BE a confidence catalyst, to shine a light on the stories we tell ourselves and that means I need to shine the light on my own stories. I’ve learned enough life lessons to cut through the bullshit–even my own. And I know what actionable steps need to be taken.

So, here’s a plan:

  1.   Decide – Get off the fence. Make a decision. It’s far less painful that sitting on a picket.
  2.   Commit – The learning, the lesson, the change, the growth begins here.
  3.   Support – None of the greats have ever done it alone, you are no different.
  4.   YOU – Only you can say yes. Only you can say no. The choice is always yours to make.


And here’s the question: When was the last time you got naked? Did you leap? How did you land? Let’s have a conversation.

Get Naked. Get Real. Get Results.

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