I saw a girl in a coffee shop the other day, wearing a shirt with “Find Your Tribe” splashed across the front of it.

I’m not one for shirts with slogans, but this one definitely spoke to me.

It’s human nature to crave a sense of belonging, to feel like we’re a part of something.

And it’s so important to have that positivity in your life.

The people you surround yourself with have this incredible power to change your life. They affect your mood, your motivation, and your ultimate success. People around you can also have a have a significant impact on your health and longevity of your life!

As legendary entrepreneur Seth Godin says: “Tribes give ordinary people the power to lead and make great change.” He advocates that tribes are essential to our success. Your tribe has the power to change who you are.

So, take a look at your own life.

Does your tribe have the right people in it?

A case of the Mondays

We all know those people – the ones who loathe Monday mornings. By the time you open up the Facebook app on your phone while eating breakfast, they’ve already updated their status to “Mondays suck!” so everyone knows they’re about to have another “great” day.

It happens almost every single week. If it’s not on social media, they’ll probably share the same sentiments when you bump into them at the local watering hole.

The root cause: they’re on this never ending cycle every week at a job they don’t like, with people who don’t inspire them. Once they get home, they probably don’t do much outside their usual routine to stimulate any excitement. They’re stuck in this boring, uneventful loop.

It’s depressing just talking about it.

Alternatively, there are many people on my Facebook feed who don’t seem phased by the arrival of another Monday.

Their Facebook statuses are optimistic and excited. They proudly promote new projects or an interesting piece of news that they’ve personally contributed to or that their team is affiliated with. These are the type of people who fist bump and high five little achievements and big moments – they’re a cause for celebration! When you meet them in person, they gush about how much they enjoy their job, the people they work with, their life.

They don’t complain about days dragging on or the excessive drama at work.

It’s obvious that these people – they’ve found other people like them. They get each other. Professionally, they have the same goals. Personally, they share the same interests. Together, they grow and become better individuals at the workplace and in their own lives outside of the office.

They’ve found their tribe.

Look around you

Jim Rohn, one of America’s greatest entrepreneurs and philosophers, once said:
“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

The people you choose to spend your time with will have a significant impact on who you become. This happens in your social circles and at work.

Do you work in an office where every employee drags their feet to their desk and keeps their eyes locked on their screen until they get up to pee, eat, or go home? Are your co-workers the type of people to crowd around the water cooler just so they can gossip and complain about everyone and everything?

If the people at work can’t be bothered to truly care about anything and keep their attitudes in negative scopes, the quagmire of negativity acts like quicksand and sucks you in. So, if Spending your time with the wrong people sucks…

Why not surround yourself with the right people?

Good vibes attract a good tribe

It’s never too late to walk away (or run, as fast as possible) from the people who bring you down.

Break-up with old friends. Tell your boss or a colleague that you’re ready to stop hating Mondays.

Go on and find your people already!

But how?

First, You have to rediscover your passion.

What fuels you? What moves you? What really gets you going?!

Be real with yourself and decide:

  • What you value.
  • What matters the most to you.

Find out what it is that you want from your job, your boss, your colleagues. Set expectations for your friends. Who DO you want to be around all the time.?

Once you discover who you are and who you want to be, you’ll have the clarity needed to choose those you want and need by your side. Those who will help you reach your goals, champion your success and inspire you to stretch yourself.

Be honest. You will need to get down into your heart and soul. A few months ago, I wrote about creating a Contrast-Clarity list – and that’s what you need to do here.

Uncover what gets you really excited, and be aware of what doesn’t.
Then lay out the plan for the good, wild, and awesome kind of crazy.

When you figure all this out, you’ll be ready to start introducing yourself to your tribe.

Find the ones who love like you do

The key is to look for magnetic energy.

Connect with people you feel drawn to. People whose beliefs and core values resonate with your own. Seek out individuals and existing tribes who influence and ignite your own passions.

If you’re looking for a new job, ask about opportunities for growth. Ask questions about team building strategies. Learn more about the culture of the office – find out how employees are motivated, inspired and treated when they come to work.

Don’t be afraid to reach out on LinkedIn, Twitter, or even Facebook. Social media is a modern tool that connects all of us on a global scale and makes it easy to access one another! There’s no harm in making new connections with strangers – they might turn into mentors, your next boss, or even just a great friend. And one connection usually leads to plenty more – all you have to do is say “Hi.”

You’ve outgrown clothes, awful hair-dos, and favourite pairs of shoes. And it may be time to let yourself outgrow some old friendships too.

It happens. It’s time to move on to people who are a better fit for where you want to go and be.

Let your people fuel your purpose

In Seth Godin’s TED Talk, he explains how the internet has managed to bring us all together into tribes.

We live in a world that encourages us to connect through our personal interests and professional talents, with all sorts of people all over the world. We have this ability to loudly and proudly talk about all the things that excite us with random strangers.

We can share our excitement with so many other people who feel the same levels of joy about the same subject.

There’s so much possibility and opportunity to join forces with others – and share valuable information with everyone, together.

Tribes support positive changes and movements. It promotes good vibes, and fosters confidence in ourselves and the work we do.
Having a tribe of like-minded people helps you truly live your purpose.

Go find them, and let them change your life.

I’m Janice Otremba, a professional speaker, facilitator and coach who specializes in stress management, health and wellness, personal growth and life balance. Let’s kick your butt into gear with simple, sound advice for beating burnout and powering up your happy. Book a free 15-minute consultation call with me to get started!

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