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Strength Deployment Inventory Course Feedback

Now that you have had an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge acquired in the course to your relationships and interactions, we ask that you take a moment to evaluate your present abilities. Please complete the following questions:

  1. Indicate whether or not you have used a particular skill.
  2. Rate your current skill level on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 meaning you feel “completely unable” and 10 meaning you feel “very able” to do each item.

1. Identify the motivations behind my behaviours.
2. Choose effective behaviour based on desired results and the motives and values of others.
3. Understand the motives and intentions of other people.
4. Identify the strength behind and overdone strength in others.
5. Recognize when I am overdoing a strength or at risk of being perceived as overdoing a strength.
6. Identify sources of conflict for others and myself.
7. Recognize behaviour in others that indicate conflict.
8. Choose my behaviours or change my perceptions to prevent conflict.
9. Communicate and behave during conflict in ways that will achieve productive results.

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