Coaching is for individuals or corporate or non-profit teams wanting to stimulate positive change and create more effective and inclusive relationships in their lives. Proactive intervention provides a sounding board of strategies for leaders who experience work/life place challenges and stress, and for those wanting to stimulate positive change, prevent unproductive conflict and create more effective and inclusive relationships in the workplace. 

Janice offers solution focused coaching with simple, sound advice that addresses and satisfies an individual’s core values and provides tools needed to create alignment — both personally and professionally. She follows professional ethics and standards of conducts. You can find these and other guidelines on the website of the International Coach Federation:

All coaching is personalized to the client’s desired outcomes.  Janice supports and guides results in:

  • Leadership capacity
  • Stress management
  • Effective communication
  • Organizational performance
  • Positive change
  • Identification of responsibility
  • Personal wellbeing and resilience
  • Transforming stress into strengths
  • Values alignment
  • Leading from meaningful purpose for the greater good


“Research suggests that relationships, while often considered a “soft” skill, actually play a much more direct role in team and organizational performance.  More than understanding personalities and gifts of aptitude, performance hinges on how relationships can effectively work together.  It is however the understanding of what fuel feeds individual needs that help us understand ourselves and others and creates effective working and communication conditions.”

~ Janice Otremba

“We engaged Janice because our organization had a new leader and a staff team with many new members. We wanted Janice to help us constructively learn to work together and create a foundation for ongoing success. Janice recommended SDI. The pre-testing was followed by a day long workshop that helped us a) understand the results in a really clear and logical way and b) implement advice and suggestions on what the results meant for team work. She helped us make self-discoveries rather than just tell us the information. The information was truly retained through this process.

After working with Janice, our team is now more cohesive. Janice sees things we cannot see in ourselves. She helped us recognize our strengths and suggested simple changes that have huge impacts. Our newfound understanding of each other’s working styles and personalities has resulted in more awareness, patience, and respect for each other. As a leader, my awareness for delegation and efficiency has improved simply by knowing where the strengths of the team lie.”

~ United Way Thompson Nicola Cariboo

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