We all carry different energy with us every day. If you are feeling really run down, it might not just be a byproduct of being busy – you might have some energy leaks. Much like doing an energy audit of your home, I want you to do a self audit to find your leaks.

Take a styrofoam cup, a safety pin,a pen and a piece of paper. On the paper, write down everything that makes you sigh, roll your eyes, causes you grief, angry, frustrated, anxious, sad, etc., and write down the things you are tolerating, putting up with, sucking up, etc. Open the pin up and make a hole in the cup for every item you wrote down-you may have multiple items for the same area of your life, and for the things that really annoy, frustrate or exhaust you — you may find yourself making a bigger hole.

Now, take your cup to the tap and fill it with water.

Every one of those holes will spring a leak, and each leak represents exactly what happens when your personal energy leaks are left unaddressed. Energy leaks have an emotional, physical, spiritual and mental toll. You can’t have a leak in one place that doesn’t impact the other areas – same as the water in the cup.

Long before you have a migraine, an ulcer, or sleeping problems, there are warning signs something might not be quite right. By the time you feel like you’re at the end of your rope, you have passed these warning signs and will have to put in a lot more work to return  to a place of balance. It’s critically important to tune in and listen to yourself to know what the warning signs are so you can start plugging the leaks.

If you sigh every time you look at your messy desk, that’s an energy leak. Every time you say “I really should” that’s an energy leak. Words like “should” place a feeling of expectation that you must do something rather than feeling like there is something you want to do.  

I suggest starting small and building momentum – it might be cleaning your desk at the end of the day in your office so you aren’t overwhelmed the next morning. It can be as simple as making a commitment to fold the laundry when it’s done instead of spending all of your time digging through baskets.

Try the “Minute to win it” strategy, creating a new habit so it becomes automatic. This is where if there is something that you’re wasting your energy on that can be addressed in a minute or less instead of having it weigh you down all day – you address it in the moment. Bigger leaks may require you to block out time to address, so start small to build success and momentum. And begin now…

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